Information Management


Collaborative software for new product development Innoosy by Ubiclouder

Collaborative software for innovation using Design Thinking and a simplified version of TRIZ to increase the quality of development of new products and services.

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Translation management system by Wordbee

The leading collaborative translation management system that connects your content management systems with your translation team.

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Business Process Dematerialisation by Numen Europe

Business process dematerialisation (BPO), document process outsourcing (DPO), scanning, document and data enrichment, complex structuration (i.e. XML), structuration of documents in a multilingual environment and document publication services.

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"IRISNext" by I.R.I.S.

Solution capable of managing structured and unstructured documents to share them and to archive them in a secured way with authorized users.

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Compliance, intelligence and anti-financial crime solutions by iDETECT

iDETECT, identified as a key software provider in Gartner's 2014 Market Guide for User Behavioral Analytics, helps to prevent, detect and fight any type of fraud or threat.

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