Luxembourg is home to a significant number of cleantech companies, which mainly work in the fields of renewable energy, waste management, water treatment and eco-construction. The Luxembourg government provides an attractive economic environment to entrepreneurs who are keen to create value whilst reducing pollution, waste and energy consumption. Clean technologies and sustainable development have become key growth sectors as companies identify an increasing demand for ecologically sound products and services both locally and internationally.

The take-up of clean-technologies is greatly facilitated by an ambitious strategy, which Luxembourg has recently adopted in order to stimulate the production of eco-technology products and to support research and development in the clean technologies field, thereby leading to greater sustainability and economic diversification.

This strategy is oriented around the strengths of Luxembourg’s economy, which include:

  • excellent ICT infrastructure and know-how
  • strong finance and services sector
  • outstanding logistics infrastructures and skills
  • dynamic construction sector implementing top notch technologies
  • stable social and political environment and easy access to decision makers
  • very international environment welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world


A number of companies in the CleanTech sector develop products and services that have proven to be sucessful locally and internationally. Examples include Apateq, Carbon Process & Plant Engineering (CPPE), Solartec , L.e.e., Prefalux and Soil-Concept. New and existing innovative businesses in the field can count on the support of several business-oriented initiatives.

The majority of the country’s cleantech companies are active in the  Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster that aims to enhance the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development in Luxembourg. The Cluster’s actions seek to create and develop new and sustainable business opportunities, mainly throgh collaborative R&D and innovation projects. It focuses on:

  • circular economy 
  • mobility
  • sustainable cities and smart technologies