Information and communication technologies

Luxembourg has successfully developed into a global hub for information and communication technologies (ICT) and aims to position itself as a centre of excellence in cybersecurity and data protection. The sector continuously experiences high rates of economic growth and job creation, and ICT services have become a real driver of the economy. As a "big data" hub, Luxembourg offers an excellent location for the development and internationalisation of ICT companies as well as for innovation. Supported by efficient public research infrastructures and projects, this market offers plenty of opportunities for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises.

Luxembourg has successfully embraced the IT revolution while strengthening its position in media. Two home-grown European giants – RTL Group in media and SES in satellite transmissions – have pioneered the country’s standing in these sectors. Leading stars of the ICT sector –, PayPal, eBay,Rakuten, Skype, Vodafone and many others – have chosen Luxembourg as their basis for accessing worldwide markets.

The Luxembourg ICT Cluster brings together various actors in the field of ICT in Luxembourg with the goal of fostering new and sustainable business opportunities through collaborative research, development and innovation projects. It aims at optimising the uptake of ICT as an enabling technology for various sectors and the further development of the existing ICT sector in Luxembourg by encouraging networking and collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Digital Lëtzebuerg brings together all public and private initiatives participating in the modernisation of Luxembourg through new technologies and helping Luxembourg to become a high-tech centre of excellence.