Life sciences

Health sciences and technologies in Luxembourg have experienced strong development over the past few years, and are currently specialising in the fields of personalised medicine, diagnostics, bioinformatics and HealthIT. The government’s firm commitment to establishing Luxembourg as an attractive destination for health sciences research and innovation is backed by substantial public investment and a supportive business environment.

Companies – often SMEs – a as well as public research laboratories are active in a variety of fields in Luxembourg, such as biomedical analyses, compound and Biomarker discovery, dental and orthopaedic implants, laboratory and hospital equipment and health-related ICT applications. Enterprises active in the sector include, among others, Advanced Biological Laboratories, Ketterthill, Laboratoires Réunis, Waftergen Biosystems Europe and innovative start-ups such as AI Mediq.

Biotechnology and health sciences have been a key element of the government's strategy to diversify the Luxembourg economy since 2006. The further development of the sector is being supported by an ambitious national action plan, which aims to develop the country as a centre of excellence in molecular diagnostics, the main pillar of personalised medicine.

In order to further develop the sector and promote its capacities at international level, the  Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster has been established. It brings companies and research laboratories together to create collaborations and identify new business opportunities. The Cluster also supports international actors interested in setting up activities in Luxembourg or establishing cooperations with Luxembourg entities.