Space technologies

The space industry is a key high-tech sector for Luxembourg. SES, the world’s leading medias and telecommunications group, was established in Luxembourg in 1985 to provide the pioneering satellite-based communication services for which it has since become renowned throughout Europe and around the world. Luxembourg’s business development policy resulted in a significant concentration of dynamic space-related companies in Luxembourg.

Many highly advanced technology companies now operate in the Luxembourg space sector, such as EURO-COMPOSITES, GRADEL, HITEC Luxembourg and LuxSpace to name but a few.

The industry today encompasses more than 25 companies and 2 public research organisations (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology –LIST and University of Luxembourg), covering various domains that include:

  • The space segment, manufacturing of satellite and instrument structures (Euro-Composites), system integration of micro-satellites (LuxSpace), electric propulsion for satellites (Elwing Europe)
  • The ground segment, ground stations development (SES and HITEC Luxembourg), mechanical and electrical ground support equipment (GRADEL and SES), communication networks (POST and Telindus)
  • The service segment, teleport services (SES and POST), satellite broadband services (SES), risk management services (LIST/ERIN, SES, HITEC Luxembourg), AIS services (LuxSpace)

The  Luxembourg Space Cluster is a network that supports the private and public actors of the space technologies sector in Luxembourg. Its objectives are to expose the Luxembourg space capabilities on the international scene and to promote synergy and cooperation at the national and international level through collaborative research, development and innovation projects.