Active Fragrances represents Luxembourg in world championship for creative entrepreneurs

Date: 11/11/2015

Active Fragrances is the Luxembourg winner of the Creative Business Cup 2015, selected by national partners 1535°C – Creative Hub Differdange, Luxinnovation, Technoport, MUDAM and the Ministry of Culture. The company, which develops essential oils that help car drivers keep alert and avoid accidents, will represent the country at the international final of the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 17 and 18 November 2015.

Thousands of people lose their lives on the roads every year in accidents that are due to distraction, fatigue and lack of concentration. Some essential oils have a positive impact on our capacity to concentrate and manage stress. Anna Dannfelt and Philippe Briot, founders of Essential Factory, decided to create Active Fragrances, a product that could help drivers function better behind the steering wheel.

Improving road safety

The aim of Active Fragrances is to improve road safety and decrease the number of car accidents caused by lack of vigilance. "Certain essential oils affect our brain and can calm us down or help us keep focused," explains Mr Briot. "Coffee and energy drinks that are often used to keep awake have side effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate. We select essential oils that are non-invasive and safe for everyone in the car, including babies and pets." He estimates that inhaling very low doses of essential oils while driving could reduce driving incidents caused by distraction with at least 10%.

Active Fragrances has identified a set of essential oils and defined the blends that have the best effects, an agreeable smell and a reasonable cost. The company develops a diffuser and a fragrance refill that can be placed in the car and that are compatible with already installed fragrance diffusers provided by brands such as Mercedes, Renault and Citroën. Tests are currently being carried out in collaboration with a car producer, and the intention is to launch the pre-order campaign of the product by mid-2016.

Stimulating creative industries

Active Fragrances’ national victory was announced at a press conference on 11 November in the presence of Louise Bang Jespersen, the Danish Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg. The Danish Embassy as well as the Luxembourg Embassy in Copenhagen both support the initiative. "Creative industries are a very dynamic sector with highly innovative companies and great economic potential," says Olivier Zephir of the Technoport. "By participating in the Creative Business Cup, we aim to stimulate creative companies and help promising firms become known at the international level."

Over 60 countries participate in the 2015 edition of the Creative Business Cup. They all meet for the international final in Copenhagen on 17 and 18 November, when Active Fragrance will be competing for a number of prices and the title as the World’s Most Creative Entrepreneur.

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