Space: Expanding the frontiers of innovation

Date: 07/10/2014

Strengthening the image of Luxembourg as a dynamic and interesting location for research and innovation in order to attract new activities, research collaborations and business relationships – this is the objective of the magazine FOCUS on Research and Innovation in Luxembourg. In the latest edition of the magazine, Luxinnovation puts the spotlight on one of the most innovative fields of the Grand Duchy’s economy: the space sector.

Three decades ago, Luxembourg’s space industry did not exist. Today, spearheaded by satellite group SES, it is firmly established as one of the mainstays of our economy. Luxembourg is home to a significant concentration of dynamic space sector companies, while on the academic front, several public research organisations are also involved in space-related research. With the opportunities created by committed government support and membership of the European Space Agency, these companies and organisations are pursuing a common goal: to bring innovative solutions and technologies to the space sector.

This issue of FOCUS on Research and Innovation in Luxembourg presents a number of space sector key projects, among others the electric propulsion of satellites, satellite-based systems for tracking ships and aeroplanes, and the development of innovative materials that can be used in space. It also features the Luxembourg Space Cluster, which promotes the internationalisation of the sector, and the Government’s space sector policy.

This edition of the magazine also presents the Eco-Systems Biology group at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, the new Max Planck Institute Luxembourg and several industrial companies which, through an innovative mindset and strong technological skills, have emerged from modest beginnings to key positions on international niche markets.

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