Sustainable positive results of Fit for Innovation

Date: 31/03/2016

Two years have gone by since its creation, and the Fit for Innovation programme continues to attract Luxembourg SMEs that want to innovate and create more value. One of the pioneers of the Fit for Innovation adventure, the ALIPA group, can see long-term positive effects of its participation.

No-Nail Boxes, one of the entities of the ALIPA group, was one of the first SMEs to participate in Fit for Innovation. Michèle Detaille, managing director of ALIPA, shared her experience at the first meeting of the companies participating in the programme and highlighted the positive results of the programme for her company. Not only were the objectives of the programme fulfilled, but the benefits have proven to be sustainable.

Innovating through organisational change

Three main success factors can be pointed out: communication, organisation and sustainability. Michèle Detaille has experienced Fit for Innovation from the inside: “What a company can achieve on its own is limited. To innovate successfully, it is necessary to overcome hesitations and inform all collaborators about the findings and the progress of the project, define internal as well as external key roles and put in place lasting good practice,” explains Michèle Detaille. “All activities in the context of Fit for Innovation require an excellent balance between the steering committee that monitors the project, the internal teams of the participating company that are essential to the project, the external consultants that provide their expertise and set the pace of the work and Luxinnovation, which guarantees the quality of the programme”.

No-Nail Boxes joined the programme to improve its competitiveness and was able to implement the recommendations provided by Resultance, the consultant in charge of the project. As a result, its production workshop was able to permanently improve its effectiveness with 15%. “Innovation does not always mean inventing new technological products,” Michèle Detaille confirms, “but can also mean organisational changes that create value within the company.”

Fit for Innovation in figures 

So far, 29 companies have benefited from the diagnostic phase of Fit for Innovation and 18 others are currently in the project phase. The value of the programme is primarily to generate benefits for participating companies. The leverage is important, since SMEs can claim a return of 400% on the investment done. These figures are indeed attractive but could, according to Jean-Paul Schuler, CEO of Luxinnovation, be even higher. Thinking of the 4,400 companies with between 10 and 250 employees that are to be found in Luxembourg, he says: “All these SMEs could get the same gains without major investments!”The adventure continues. Fit for Innovation is growing since its start and is now getting ready to extend the list of partner consultants to offer a wider choice to companies and increase the programme’s capacity to launch new projects.

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