Financing eco-technologies and sustainable development

Aid for the promotion of eco-technologies and sustainable development in businesses

The aids for the promotion of eco-technologies and sustainable development offer financial support for enterprises implementing effective environmental and energy policies.

The law of 18 February 2010 related to aid schemes for environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources outlines five forms of investment as well as a form of study which may be eligible for public aid:

  • investments enabling companies to exceed European Community (EC) standards or to increase the level of environmental protection in the absence of such standards
  • early adaptation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to future EC standards
  • investments in energy conservation
  • investments in high-efficiency cogeneration
  • investments in the production of energy from renewable energy sources
  • environmental studies.

These measures target all companies and natural persons holding a business permit, operating in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and exercising an industrial, commercial or skilled trade activity as a main or secondary activity. An increase of the grant levels is foreseen for SMEs.

Rise to the challenges of protecting the environment with the help of this national grant scheme and contact Luxinnovation to find out more about this public support.