Innovation management and creativity

Innovation can help enhance your competitiveness. Depending on the situation of your company, innovation can make it possible to:

  • decrease costs by improving processes or by resulting in speedier performance
  • increase sales through the creation and launch of a new product/service
  • make your company stand out from your competitors through original products or new services
  • adapt your products or processes to an evolving market
  • develop a new activity that did not exist previously.

Innovating means equipping oneself with a competitive advantage through improving or changing products, services, production processes, the internal or external organisation, the marketing plan or even the business model.

Information, awareness raising, training and support

All companies - large as well as small ones, technological as well as non technological - can benefit from innovation.

In order to further stimulate innovation in Luxembourg companies, Luxinnovation is charged with providing you with innovation-related information, training and support.  In order to ensure that our services are adapted to your needs as well as to current market conditions, our staff members constantly carry out monitoring activities.

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