Innovation Club

Launched by the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts and Luxinnovation in 2006, the Club Innovation is primarily a meeting place and a forum for entrepreneurs mainly associated with the crafts sector. Participants from different fields have the opportunity to share their experiences regarding success factors for innovation. The Club Innovation stimulates the emergence of new ideas while fostering the establishment of a national network of innovation actors. New opportunities can thus be created by and for participating companies.

The Club Innovation meets two to three times per year to discuss a theme related to innovation in companies:

  • technology transfer for SMEs
  • intellectual property contract
  • evaluating your innovation capacities
  • technology watch for companies
  • Lean Management for SMEs
  • Social media and IT for craft SMEs

For further information on the Club Innovation, please consult its brochure.

Are you a company manager, and do you wish to join the Club Innovation? Do not hesitate to contact Luxinnovation. Membership is free of charge, and your experiences will certainly enrich our discussions.


Arnaud DUBAN

Head of SME Performance
Phone: +352 43 62 63 671


Advisor - SME Performance
Phone: +352 43 62 63 874