Innovation Management Practitioners Group


“Who beyond my company already faced a similar challenge or issue and how did he settled it…?” - Indeed, if you are a knowledge intensive, innovative and technology driven company, it is very likely that many of your innovation management challenges are similar to those faced by others companies, regardless of their specific activity or industry.

Join the Innovation Management Practitioners Group, a platform for Luxembourg’s managers to identify similar challenges, share best practices and to be inspired by working solutions in the field of knowledge, technology and innovation management. 

Become part of a unique circle for the exchange and carry-over of best management practices! Bring to the table subjects, gaps or issues in Technology and Innovation Management that matter to you! Learn from other’s successfully settled challenges or from … failures!

Objectives of the Practitioners Group:

  1. Further improve own practical competencies in innovation, technology and knowledge management.
  2. Share, discuss, carry-over or develop solution approaches with other industry practitioners facing similar management challenges,
  3. Identify and exchange good management practice and develop a group of practitioners around specific subjects,
  4. Enlarge your expertise by meeting with external experts.


The targeted audience is innovative small, medium and large Luxembourg-based companies. In order to enable open discussions and knowledge exchange, no competing companies shall participate. The possible signature of an NDA (if required) may ensure full confidentiality.

Added Value for your company:

  • Stay up to date with latest challenges in practical management, see what works and what doesn’t, free of charge learning from other practitioners,
  • Identify best practice examples, transfer and adapt them to your own company,
  • Moderated exchange of experience with other practitioners that encounter similar challenges,
  • Extent and cultivate your personal network.

Your Investment:

The time committed by max. two attendants per company is the only investment. The costs of invited external specialists, moderators or speakers to advise and work with the group on a specific item shall be borne by the participating companies and Luxinnovation. Luxinnovation will further ensure free of charge coordination and logistics of workshops with external coach, it will further suggest and negotiate with external specialists.


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