Programme and contents

When participating in Fit 4 Start, you are able to benefit from a programme including:

  • 16 full-day workshops for all participants;
  • 8 additional coaching days when the coaches will fully focus on your start-up; and
  • 10 half-days of “remote coaching” when the coaches will provide you with advice and feedback by phone or e-mail.

This means that you will in total receive 232 hours of coaching.

Programme contents

During the 16 weeks of the programme, the coaches guide you through the process of identifying your first potential clients, creating your “minimum viable product” and validating it with customers, elaborating a sustainable business model, planning the growth of your company and preparing for fundraising.

The structure and content of the programme could, for example, look like this:

Problem – solution fit

Week 1-5

  • Identifying early adopters
  • Getting in touch with the target audience
  • Developing and validating the minimum viable product

Product – market fit

Week 6-10

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Living lab and/or User acquisition
  • Sales and financial return

Scaling roadmap & funding

Week 11-16

  • Growth planning
  • Fundraising
  • Preparing an investor pitch
  • Graduation Day

Content defined by Carl Danneels & Michel Duchateau, Founders Plethon Innov8 & CreaDelta

Fit 4 Start: opening the doors to Luxembourg’s start-up support system

A wide range of services are available for entrepreneurs with innovative projects in Luxembourg. Various actors and initiatives provide support from the very beginning and throughout the whole process of developing well-established, flourishing companies. In addition to the coaching offered directly by Fit 4 Start, we introduce you to other initiatives that support start-ups and help you make the best possible use of their support.

For more information on Luxembourg’s start-up support system, download the  guide.

Reaching your objectives: feedback and weekly reporting

When participating in Fit 4 Start, you will set up objectives for your participation and concrete milestones to reach throughout the programme. You are expected to provide weekly reporting through a tailor-made follow-up system on how you progress and what actions remain to be addressed. This reporting will also be used by the coaches when providing you with feedback and practical advice on the next steps to be taken.


Antoine Hron
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